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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The House Of Brisk Became Chassidishe When It Came To The Shineveh Rebbe

Drawing of the Shineveh Rebbe, from a visit to Yerushalayim in 1869.


One time when a number of Sanzer Chassidim came to visit the Brisker Rov, he told them that he was a Shineveh Chosid. (The Shineveh Rebbe, Rav Yechezkel Halberstam, was the son of the Divrei Chaim the founder of the Sanzer dynasty Rav Chaim Halberstam.) They all looked at him in shock. The Brisker Rov the leader of Lithuanian Jewry a Chosid?!?

The Brisker Rov them told them that when the Shineveh Rebbe came to Brisk, the people of Brisk came out to greet him carrying torches in his honor. His grandfather the Bais HaLevi was among them. The Brisker Rov said I know with certainty that absolutely nothing impressed my grandfather except for Torah and Yiras Shamayim. If he went to greet the Shineveh Rebbe it was because apparently he was head and shoulders above everyone else in those areas. Therefore I am a Shineveh Chosid!

One time when the Shineveh came to visit the Bais HaLevi he was accompanied by many Chassidim. Before the entrance to the house he told his Chassidim that they should not accompany him into the house. The Bais Halevi is a Misnaged and is opposed to Chassidim. He does not approve of our ways and he may not appreciate all of you entering with me.

Apparently the Bais HaLevi was right near the door waiting to greet his guest and overheard the conversation. He turned to the Shineveh and said, "Sholom Aleichem and Boruch Haba." Then he smiled and said, "May the Rebbe of Shineveh enter and may his Chassidim enter with him. Consider yourselves to be in a house of Chassidim!"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jerusalem - IDF Stops Rabbis To Assist in Reconstruction of Torched Mosque

...גם היום יש מתיונים בתוך ישראל

Oy Tate! Save the light of Chanukah for Yidden who can't see it yet! Go rebuild Kever Yosef! 20% of Yidden in Israel are poor - donate your time and money to them instead! Don't rebuild the places where they preach hatred and murder!

The IDF prevented a delegation of religious-Zionist rabbis and social activists from entering the West Bank village of Yasuf Sunday, where a mosque was torched on Friday.

(Above: R' Froman [in white kippa] speaking with the Arab governor [brown suit])

The rabbis had arrived in order to donate Koran books to the mosque, but these had to be taken into the village by a Muslim representative due to IDF fears that a conflict would break out if rabbis were allowed to enter the village.

The rabbis waited at a central West Bank junction while soldiers blocked them from proceeding into the village.

After a few hours the IDF released a statement saying the visit had been properly coordinated and that the rabbis would be allowed in within hours, but by then it was two late and the parties left the area.

Earlier the army had stated that the delegation was denied entrance by the IDF chief of staff's office due to security concerns.

Rabbi of Tekoa Menachem Froman said the halacha prohibits doing harm to religious sites. "This deed was a serious religious crime," he said, adding that mutual respect between Jews and Muslims could bring peace.

"If we keep hiding our heads in the sand and denying that the conflict (with the Palestinians) is religious, we will never get anywhere," Froman said.

Abbushi examines donated Koran books (Photo: Ido Erez)

He also condemned similar acts on the Palestinian side, such as the torching of Gush Katif synagogues and the desecration of Joseph's Tomb in Nablus

"They also do worse things such as murder Jews," he said. "I'm not saying they are pacifists but enmity exists on both sides," the rabbi added.

Governor of the Salfit region, Munir Abbushi, met with the rabbis at the junction and told them, "The torching of the mosque was a racist act. We are in favor of true peace, and I thank you for coming to identify with us on the torching I hope we can live in this country as two states."

Abbushi also criticized the IDF for failing to prevent the act. "There are people in the village calling for

revenge, but they are the minority," he said. "We are a national movement and not a religious one, and all we want is a Palestinian state."

The meeting ended with a joint song and dance by Palestinian and Jewish religious officials.

Rabbi Yehuda Gilad, who heads the yeshiva on the religious kibbutz Maale Gilboa, said, "We came to expel darkness, especially during the days of Hannukah. Light is not added by hurting our brothers, the Muslims, who are the servants of God just as we are. This is an important message to relay."

Friday, December 4, 2009

This Guy Just Moved In Our Neighborhood

It doesn't look like this guy's gotten into trouble again since he RAPED somebody in 1991, but you never know. Be careful.

Verification Date
Sex Offender

NOTE: To be compliant with verification requirements, the verification date must be within the past 12 months for sex offenders and within the past 3 months for sexually violent predators.


Zochreini Na Zochnreini Na.....

Jerusalem - Israeli police are considering charges against a Jewish settler filmed driving over a Palestinian who was lying wounded at a West Bank gas station following an incident in which the settler's wife was stabbed.

After dramatic footage of last week's events was aired by Israel's Channel 2 television, a police spokesman said on Wednesday the Palestinian was also being investigated over the wounding of two women with a knife.

The 21-year-old was still in hospital after he was first shot by a soldier, then crushed by the heavy German sedan.

The driver, who was filmed reversing over the groaning man while Israeli soldiers stood by, was ordered not to leave his settlement while investigation of last Thursday's events near the West Bank city of Hebron continued, the spokesman said.

The incident came at a period of tension between Israeli authorities, settlers and Palestinians following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's order to freeze building on occupied land and Palestinian leaders' rejection of that measure as insufficient to meet their conditions for resuming peace talks.

Palestinians in Hebron said the man accused of stabbing the two women was not a known member of any militant group.

Note that these were Israelis who stopped the driver and pulled him out of his car. Imagine an Arab driver doing that to a Jew in Arab land... or maybe stop imagining.

Anyway, Kol Hakavod on this man taking revenge for his wife's stabbing.

Warning! Contains disturbing images. Viewer's discretion is advised.