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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rav Brazil Spent Shabbos with Yeshivas Derech HaMelech

The entire yeshiva came together this Shabbos, Parshas Yisro, along with the extended yeshiva community, kollel families, and friends from afar to enjoy an uplifting Shabbos experience with the renowned talmid chachom and singer, Rabbi Shmuel Brazil.

Rabbi Brazil led us in a beautiful kabalos Shabbos complete with singing and dancing which was followed by a seuda at the Tamir Hall.

During the seuda Rav Zucker spoke about the unique connection between Torah and music, paving the way for the events to come.

Guests came from far and wide, even flying in from the states, to hear Rabbi Brazil's world famous words of chizuk, and his original Torah insights which he shared with the olam at the late night tisch which followed the seuda. We sang together late into the night.

The olam came together again for shachris, mincha and shalosh seudas, and then motzie shabbos hundreds of guests came to join us for a melave malka where Rabbi Brazil enthralled the crowd with his music. It was a Shabbos none of us will ever forget.

For more info on the Shabbaton with R' Brazil click here:
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