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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some observations

Over the past few days, I have been deep in meditation about certain recent occurrences:

1. Why didn't WWII end the way that Quenten Tarantino envisioned it? What's the lesson of the Holocaust for the world in general and for Jews in particular? For those not familiar with his new movie, "Inglourious Basterds" ( However, be forewarned that this article will give away the plot, so click away at your own risk....

2. Adam Michael Goldstein AKA DJ AM, a 36 year old Jewish kid from my hometown of Philadelphia, who was making $25,000 a night spinning records at celebrity and commercial parties, was found dead in his $2 million dollar SoHo apartment of an apparent drug overdose on Friday night, after 11 years of continuous sobriety. (,2933,544579,00.html) I am reminded again that no matter how long an addict has clean, the disease of addiction never sleeps and is constantly waiting for an addict on the other side of the street, so to speak, for when he MAKES THE CONSCIOUS DECISION TO RELAPSE. Although I had never heard of DJ AM before he died, I still am saddened by his death on so many levels - as a fellow Jew, as a human being and as a drug and alcohol counselor who has seen more than my fair share of deaths in my 30 years here on earth due to the disease of addiction. I am really at a loss for words about this topic. Yet I keep on thinking about how ADDICTION IS NOT A JOKE - RECOVERY IS A GIFT FROM G-D THAT CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED, as is life, for that matter.So I ask everyone please, to go home and hug your kids, your family and (if you don't do so already) learn to appreciate every moment you have on this earth and thank G-d everyday for the gift of life that He gave all of us.

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