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Friday, July 16, 2010

Going Postal

"Do your kids want some candy, sir? Don't worry, it's kosher."


I've come to the conclusion that the workers at the Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh post-office are rabid anti-Semites. I watched how they treated customers, and by two separate people on two separate days, I was talked down to and today, one fo them called me "strange" under her breath. Yesterday, another one laughed at my wife and I IN OUR FACES because we were missing a document for a passport renewal and refused to make a photocopy of it so that we didn't have to return later with all of our kids, who have to be present when getting a passport, along with the parents. In fact, she told me that they didn't have a photocopier. In the post office? And I should believe that. 

There are many other examples, but I don't have the  koach or desire to dwell on them Erev Shabbos.  


I know this is not a chidush (Amar Rebbe Shimon Ben Yochi: Halacha he biyaduah sheEsav soneh l'Yaakov" brought down by Rashi Breshis 33:4; and he even married Yishmael's daughter, hence Amalek, but to discuss Yishmael is for another day; also see the Baal HaTanya on "Chessed Le'umim Chatas"), but it is especially glaring during this time period of the 9 days. 


On a positive note, it might actually be better when they are open about it, so we know who not to trust or take our business to. Kind of reminds me of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.


Probably just another benefit of the Obama era (error) - people see the President openly expresses his hate for Yidden, so why can't they follow his lead?

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